I used a mashup of this recipe for Tuna Confit and the recipe in Samin Nosrat's book Salt Fat Acid Heat. I prepared the olive oil aromatics in the Dutch Oven and instead of cooling it down, I kept it at 150ºF and added the tuna and cooked it for 9 min and a bit. The Nosrat recipe said to salt the tuna and then add it to the oil rather what the Fine Cooking recipe said - to salt the oil. In hindsight, I should have done that.

None the less, the tuna came out great. I could have pulled the tuna at exactly 9 min instead of waiting the extra min or so since it cooked a fair amount after being pulled and JUST pink is probably best.

Also, I realize that I could do it in a sous vide and waste less oil.

It reminds me of what the origin of canned tuna was - a preserved tuna that's tasty and easy to eat.

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