During the COVID-19 lockdown, I have started cooking a lot more - almost every dinner. While planning my cooking, I decided to organize my recipes. I noticed that the app that I was using, Paprika, could export to html so I set up GitHub Pages and Jekyll and had GitHub serve the site. I thought that this would be a good GitHub project to become more familiar with GitHub as well.

Boris Anthony who has worked with me on my website since the beginning is now helping me with this.

There are recipes on this site. My recipes have the full instructions. The recipes from books and other sites have the ingredients and a link to the full recipe when available.

I have a "pages" section of topics organized a bit like a wiki. I have "posts" which are organized by date and are a bit like blog posts. Lastly, I have "meal notes" which are notes from preparing meals. These notes are linked to recipes. There are tags on all of these pages and recipes that provide a way to browse the site.

Here are a few of the pages:

  • MaintenanceMaintenance
    Maintenance and repair is one of the key activities in a kitchen and a home. One of the biggest things that Mizuka and I are trying to do with recipes and our home in general is to try to minimize are energy and trash footprint as well as focus on healthy things. This makes maintenance even more important. If maintenance and cleaning become a chore, it can be overwhelming so I'm trying to make it both a hobby and a satisfying ritual. A few maintenance threads: [[Sharpening and Honing]] Repair...
  • HeatingHeating
    [[Grilling]] [[Thermometers]] [[Binchotan]] [[Smoking]] [[meat-and-temperatures|Meat and Temperatures]] [[leidenfrost-effect|Leidenfrost effect]]
  • Knowledge and Task ManagementKnowledge and Task Management
    Getting Things Done or GTD is a methodology for managing tasks. I've tried multiple times in the past to do this, but haven't been able to. I'm going to try again. I'm combining this with my attempt at organizing notes and ideas which includes this website. Current apps and methods that I'm trying: GTD Things 3 - To Do manager using GTD methodology Note Taking and Knowledge Management Zettelkasten - Knowledge and note management system Instapaper - Offline reader Zotero - Reference and litera...
  • GearGear
    [[Thermometers]] [[Whetstones]] [[Molcajete]]
  • References and ChartsReferences and Charts
    [[Common Ingredients by Volume and Mass]] [[Volume, Weight and Temperature Conversions]]

Favorite Cookbooks

All of the five star recipes below are recipes that I've tried and like.

My StuffMy Stuff
[[My Whetstones]] - My whetstone collection [[my-thermometers|My Thermometers]] [[Coffee Information]] - Coffee settings for our house