Maintenance and repair is one of the key activities in a kitchen and a home. One of the biggest things that Mizuka and I are trying to do with recipes and our home in general is to try to minimize are energy and trash footprint as well as focus on healthy things. This makes maintenance even more important.

If maintenance and cleaning become a chore, it can be overwhelming so I'm trying to make it both a hobby and a satisfying ritual.

A few maintenance threads:

  • Sharpening and HoningSharpening and Honing
    Most cutting tools require sharpening. There are various methods and tools for sharpening. For very sharp tools like shavers, they often call it honing rather than sharpening. The most traditional method is to use [[Whetstones|whetstones]]. Whetstones have different grits or hardness/fineness levels and are used in progression from rough to smooth. You can also use files, leather strops, abrasive compounds embedded in cloth, wood or leather, the palm of your hand, cardboard, the bottom of a p...
  • Repairing cutting boards with bee's waxBee's Wax and Cutting Boards
    I've been using a mixture of one part beeswax with three parts mineral oil to coat wooden utensils and cutting board.
    Bee's Wax is also useful for repairing split cutting board.


    Rehab a Leaky Cutting Board With Beeswax

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