Salsa Verde

The daughter of our housemates really liked the Spatchcocked Chicken last week so we decided that we should make it again this week. It would add more fodder for my stock bag in the freezer and would help me work on perfecting the recipe. Since we need to make it today, we'll get a chance to taste it without an overnight brining to see if we can taste the difference. (We should do this side-by-side sometime.)

The skin wasn't ask crispy. I used a thermometer to monitor the temperature. It was hard to figure out where to place the thermometer. When I used the hand-held thermometer to check temperatures in other places after my alarm went off, I founder some cooler spots so had to cook it again.

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Spatchcocked Temperature

I think it was about a total of 45 min subtracting time for the removal and replacement of the chicken. There was some red in the joints, bones and juice from the joints so it seems like I should have cooked it a bit longer, but generally it seemed done.

One thing that I noticed was that we have fresh herbs expiring on different cycles and I noticed that the Salsa Verde and various herb sauces in Salt Fat Acid Heat were pretty flexible and great for side sauces for things like the Spatchcocked Chicken.

We have extra parsley and sage today so I'll make the Salsa Verde and possibly fry the sage and make the Fried Sage Salsa Verde if I have time.

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