Binchotan is a Japanese charcoal made from hardwood using a special process yielding a very dense, hot and long-burning form of charcoal.

It is difficult to light, but once it is going it will burn for 3-5 hours and can be stopped by cutting off the oxygen and restarted again.

Some new binchotan

Binchotan Chimney
Binchotan sticks out of my starter chimney

Binchotan Chimney Half Lit
The chimney only heats the lower half easily

Binchotan Chimney Red
Flipped the longer binchotan and lit the bottoms

Binchotan Grill
Binchotan lighting up hot side of grill

Binchotan in a box

Bichotan box outside
Kamitosa White Binchotan

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