Nakayama Mizu Tomae

Purchased from Japan Stones

Nakayama mizu blue leading to green asagi kan pattern tomae hard razor stone, with tested tomonagura and a Henckels 5/8ths Friodur razor honed on the Nakayama. No guess work here in this package, every thing is tested and proven to HHT-5 standards. I will even include a shock of the test hair. A YouTube video using the kit can be available for an additional charge.

Please take note. There will be no OverSeas shipping on this package. Latter similar offerings might develop, but not now.

#892 Nakayama

Hardness 5

Fineness 5+

Cutting speed 4 with clear water to 5+ with diamond plate slurry

Size 170-52-18mm thick

Weight 430gm