Shobudani Awasedo

Purchased from TomoNagura

Shobudani is the quarry - one of the two original Honyama mines in Kyoto Japan.
Mizu Asagi is the color - Grey/Blue/Green-ish
Awasedo means 'finishing stone'.

This Shobu feels 'crisp' under the steel, sort of slatey and very hard. The feedback is quiet, sort of on the glassy side but there is a good bit of slight grain in there. With extended work the slurry will darken and thicken up; keep it very wet or you'll lose your edge. The speed was faster than expected, not fast but just faster than usual. All of my edges were very very sharp and smooth. All nagura progressions went well and tomo-only slurry finishing was equally excellent. Water-only laps were do-able but they require some skill to pull it off successfully.

Remember - you have to do your part, these stones do not have an 'auto' mode.

The bottom is flat and there is only the slightest bit of wobble on my bench. One corner on the bottom is not square so be sure to exercise caution when using pressure over that spot. The sides and bottom have been sealed all around with multiple layers of Cashew Lacquer. The top is lapped and the edges are chamfered.