Prime Rib on plate

Using what I learned about reverse sear
, I took on the challenge of making my first Prime Rib.

Dry Brining
I dry brined the meat for a day and a half with salt and pepper.

Prime Rib with thermometer
I then roasted it in the oven on a rack at 170ºF for almost 5 hours. My target temperature was 130ºF, which is medium-rare and according to Kenji Lopez-Alt, the best target for a tender and tasty Prime Rib. :-)

Resting Prime Rib
Then, I rested the the meat for about 45 min and then seared it for about 8 min.

Prime Rib August 17, 2020
Time Oven Steak ºF / min
12:02:00 PM 109ºF 35ºF 109.0ºF
12:45:00 PM 161ºF 42ºF 0.2ºF
12:49:00 PM 163ºF 44ºF 0.5ºF
12:51:00 PM 161ºF 45ºF 0.5ºF
1:00:00 PM 164ºF 48ºF 0.3ºF
1:22:00 PM 166ºF 57ºF 0.4ºF
1:23:00 PM 166ºF 58ºF 1.0ºF
1:25:00 PM 166ºF 59ºF 0.5ºF
1:32:00 PM 162ºF 62ºF 0.4ºF
2:42:00 PM 164ºF 93ºF 0.4ºF
3:07:00 PM 167ºF 102ºF 0.4ºF
3:22:00 PM 163ºF 107ºF 0.3ºF
3:55:00 PM 169ºF 117ºF 0.3ºF
4:06:00 PM 170ºF 120ºF 0.3ºF
4:21:00 PM 173ºF 123ºF 0.2ºF
4:46:00 PM 163ºF 129ºF 0.2ºF
4:50:00 PM 166ºF 130ºF 0.3ºF

This time, luckily, I guessed the time right, but according to Kenji Lopez-Alt, if your Prime Rib is finished early, you can pull it when it gets to the target temperature and then put it in for 45 min at 200ºF to reheat before the sear.

You can rest the Prime Rib for 30 min to 1 ½ hours so the only reason to pull it early would be if it completed more than 1 ½ hours before serving.

I summarized my recipe herePrime Rib
Prime Rib

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