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Timing a Bigger Prime Rib
Dinner, Oct 4th, 2020
Today I am cooking a 4.24 lb Prime Rib from compared with 3.23 lb for [[2020-08-17-prime-rib|my previous one]]. I wonder if I can predict how long it will take other things being equal. The first result on Google for "time for roasting prime rib by weight" returns an article that says 15 min / pound which suggests that the time scales proportional to weight.
Top Round Roast - Too Tough
Dinner, Dec 26th, 2020
Tried using prime rib reverse sear method on a top round roast. Put in Anova oven in sous vide mode at 7:40 am set to 140ºF. Pulled at 11:30 am. Looked perfect but was tough.