Japanese Natural Awasedo finishing stones. Left to right: Ohira Asagi, Ozuka Mizu Tomae, Nakayama Mizu, Shobudani Mizu Asagi, Ozuku Asagi

Synthetic Stones

Maker Grit Type Notes
DMT 120 μm/120 mesh Dia-Flat Lapping Plate
Atoma 140 Diamond Plate
Naniwa 220 Flattening Stone
Shapton 320 "Blue-Black" Kuromaku
Naniwa 400 Super Ceramic "Spash and Go"
Atoma 600 Diamond Plate
Naniwa 600 Nagura Dressing Stone
Yoshihiro 1000 Professional Grade Toishi
Shapton 2000 "Green" Kuromaku
Shapton 1500 "Blue" Kuromaku
Yoshihiro 3000 Professional Grade Toishi
Naniwa 5000 Professional Stone
Shapton 5000 "Wine" Kuromaku
Naniwa 8000 Junpaku
Shapton 8000 "Melon" Kuromaku
Naniwa 10000 Professional Stone
Naniwa 12000 Nagura
Naniwa 12000 S2 Super Stone
Shapton 12000 "Cream" Kuromaku Information
Shapton 30000 "Purple" Kuromaku Information

Natural Stones

Quarry Type Color Size Number
Belgian Coticule Whetstone Yellow
Belgian Coticule Small Whetstone Yellow
Tsushima Black Nagura
Shobundani Awasedo Mizu Asagi shobudani-001Shobudani Awasedo
Purchased from TomoNagura Shobudani is the quarry - one of the two original Honyama mines in Kyoto Japan. Mizu Asagi is the color - Grey/Blue/Green-ish Awasedo means 'finishing stone'. This Shobu feels 'crisp' under the steel, sort of slatey and very hard. The feedback is quiet, sort of on the glassy side but there is a good bit of slight grain in there. With extended work the slurry will darken and thicken up; keep it very wet or you'll lose your edge. The speed was faster than expected, not...
Amakusa Nakato Binsui 8.5-2.4-1.4" / 1053 g binsui-001Binsui
Purchased from TomoNagura Binsui is not really rare, but there are a lot of stones marked as Binsui that are actually Amakusa, which is an inferior stone. Finding a very clean example of Binsui is somewhat of a challenge, because they are usually grabbed by Togishi because they are the 2nd stone in a Nihonto polisher's progression. Typically, Binsui would follow Kongo-do, or whatever stone was being used for Arato (groundwork). The Binsui would be relied upon to remove all the scratches from ...
Ohira Awasedo Asagi 204-76-35 mm / 1380 g ohira-001Ohira Asagi
Purchased from RocknRazors Ohira Asagi Vintage from the 1970s Description Ohira Asagi (Awasedo) What’s in a name? Ohira - refers to the mine or region in which the stone was derived. Asagi - refers to the color. Awasedo - refers to a finishing stone Stone stats/testing results: Weight: 1380 grams Dimensions: 204mm x 76 mm x 35 mm Hardness: 4.5 out of 5 Sealed: yes, cashew lacquer Finesse: very fine 5 out of 5 Recommended use: finishing straight razors and Kamisori Feedback: Justin’s Notes: Th...
Ozuku Awasedo Asagi 115-72-18 mm / 394 g ozuku-001Ozuku Hard Asagi
Purchased from Japan Stones - #704 Ozuku hard asagi A hard transition olive to gray tomae in a compact travel or hand held format this is a true razor grade stone as tested on my Henckels Friodur razors. This stone will come with a tested tomonagura. Super smooth deep strata stone it has an olive green surface that eventually will wear to a gray base. Hardness 5+ / Fineness 5 Cutting speed 4 or 5- with a diamond plate slurry 115-72-18mm thick Weight 394 grams
Ozuku Awasedo Mizu Tomoe 675 g ozuku-002Ozuku Very Hard Mizu Tomae
Purchased from Japan Stones - #620 Ozuku very hard mizu tomae razor stone A classic mizu water blue tomae fron the Ozuku mine. This stone is very hard although it makes a very nice platform for Mikawa naguar, tomo nagura or a diamond plate generated slurry. I found the best way to use it, after a 5 or 8k synthetic is to run about 30 passes on a tomonagura slurry and then add one layer of Kapton tape on the spine and add an additional five or six weight of the razor stones. These land right on...
Nakayama Awasedo Mizu 170-52-18 mm / 430 g nakayama-001Nakayama Mizu Tomae
Purchased from Japan Stones Nakayama mizu blue leading to green asagi kan pattern tomae hard razor stone, with tested tomonagura and a Henckels 5/8ths Friodur razor honed on the Nakayama. No guess work here in this package, every thing is tested and proven to HHT-5 standards. I will even include a shock of the test hair. A YouTube video using the kit can be available for an additional charge. Please take note. There will be no OverSeas shipping on this package. Latter similar offerings might ...
Hideriyama Suita Renga 140-122-30 mm / 1025 g hideriyama-001Hideriyama Renga Suita
Purchased from FiloEdge Vintage from the 1980s Materials Stone, Lacquer Description This stone is a piece of art! I have said it before, but Suita is still my favorite type of JNAT. This particular one does not disappoint. At just over one kilogram, this stone will out live you for sure. I love its shape - very natural and rustic. Plenty of kawa on it, as well as beautiful Pink Renge! This is a hard stone. It is also fine enough to finish your straight razor. The shave from this stone is comf...
Mikawa Botan Nagura
Mikawa Tenjyou Nagura
Mikawa Mejiro Nagura
Mikawa Koma Nagura
Unknown Tomo Nagura